Hey! Yolanda

Hey! Yolanda
Your junkyard is so neat
Hey! Yolanda
I need a new back seat
Would you put me on your schedule
For next week?

O I would just love to see
The beautiful way she's kept up things
The way she treats those cars,
It makes me smile.
And in a way I'd say
That I'm in love with her.

Hey! Yolanda
She's a beautiful elephant
Hey! Yolanda
Demure and elegant
Stacking cars up
With her mighty trunk.

Yolanda has the oldest cars
Older than any other junkyard
Of business-owners she must be the queen
And in a way I'd say that I'm in love with her

Hey! Yolanda
Her cars never rust
Hey! Yolanda
She's an elephant you can trust
If you need old engine parts
Check with her first

No one does what Yolanda does
A better mechanic there never was
Even though an elephant is too big to drive
She loves to keep the good old cars alive

She moves junk with her big, strong trunk
She buys old cars and stacks them up in rows
She weaves grasses with her long eyelashes
To protect the cars when the dusty old wind blows
She succeeds in making pleasure out of treasure
Well, I wish I knew what old Yolanda knows
Yes I wish I knew what old Yolanda Knows