I Saw a Man Melting

His skin was viscous, dripping from his muscles and his bones
He looked at me so helplessly with his eyeballs half-exposed
His jaws opened as if to speak but not a sound came out
It was as though he knew there was no way that I could help
His eyes, like soft-boiled eggs, leaked out their uncooked yolks
And I tore out my own hair because I pitied him so

His intestines they were dangling all the way down past his knees
And the floor it was collecting all his bits of broken meat
And a salamander leapt out from a hollow in his hip
And he shuddered in revulsion and his spine cracked like a whip
And I caught him by the shoulders that were only nerve and bone
And his skull rolled in the corner and I screamed

So with hand-broom and with dustpan I swept up his remains
The jelly and the plasma that once were a human frame
And all that I could manage off the floor to gather
I put into a garbage pail just to keep it all together
And I carried it to the river, all covered in his grease,
And I poured the contents in, and I bid him:

I saw a man melting! I saw a man melting! I saw a man...melting!