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Upcoming Tour !!! and Jasper O’Farrell’s on 02/09/2017 !!!

Hello world! Get ready to see a bunch more flyers like this for all over the USA because I’m getting ready to go out on a big tour this Spring. (Mid-May to early June).

Anybody out there who wants me to come where you are, let me know and especially if you can help with putting something together. I prefer a house show / back yard / basement / outdoor / ice cream store / record store or anything unusual to a bar unless it’s a particularly fine one. I’m not picky honestly.

I’m also looking to volunteer and play for folks who normally don’t get to hear a lot of music, nursing homes, prisons, detention centers, schools, any ideas you might have would be appreciated.

And in the short-term, this Thursday night I’ll be at Jasper O’Farrell’s in Downtown Sebastopol at 5:30 PM, which is right in the middle of Happy Hour. Come on down and see ya soon! All the best, Big Kitty

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