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Holiday Performances

December 22 at the Forestville Club in Forestville, California. Check out the Facebook Event Page

Expect to hear the modernday Christmas classic, “The Christmas I Met Elton John,” and many other known and unknown classics and classics-to-be. I love you if you don’t come, but I really really really love you if you do. You’ve got to check out Horders too. They are truly astounding musicians who make life more fun than I thought it could ever be.

December 24 at the Toad in the Hole in Santa Rosa, California at 7:30. Come enjoy Christmas Eve at Santa Rosa’s premier English pub! You never know, you might meet any number of Christmasy Dickens characters there quaffing ales.

Much love to you. Especially if you’re a Republican member of the electoral college who refuses to vote for Donald Trump.

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This New Album Is Coming Along Wonderfully, Y’all

Dear everybody, you included,

Early this year, urged on by my buddy Yuriko Hoshino, I began to put together an album project. The idea was to record a bunch of songs with the Big Kitty band, Cole, Grady, and Billy Joe. Another idea was to record at the Bomb Shelter in Nashville onto 2″ tape.  Another idea was to have James Wallace produce the record. In June, Yuriko and I put together a Kickstarter to fund it. Thanks to all who helped out, especially Mike Mayo and Ann Keener, who threw such a fun party in Chattanooga for it with very good eats.

We met up in Nashville at my brother William‘s house and recorded at the Bomb Shelter for six days, and performed at the American Legion there as well. Clark went back to Huge Planet to record some more in December. The record is in the mixing process currently. I’ll let you know the tracklist, title, and cover art in the next months, and soon it will be available via Teaberry Records.